Father’s Day Special Release: The Art of Showing Up

There are so many parenting books about how to be a good father and yet there is only one mark of parenting that we often forget: the art of showing up. Simply arriving with your hands and heart open to whatever your child needs.

Dads-What Will Your Legacy Be?

One of the greatest joys in my life is writing these posts for you all. My dad was one of my top 3 favorite people in my life. He was the first man I ever loved and this June, it will be two years since he’s been gone. The word on the web is that […]

Daddies & Daughters: Making Your Kids A Hobby

Daddies & Daughters: Making Your Kids A Hobby   I know how lucky I was to have the stability of both a mother and father growing up. Being a divorce attorney for the last eleven years, I know that truth about my life now more than ever. My mother was lucky enough to be able […]

Daddies & Daughters:Learning To Be A Knight

  Dads, you’ve heard the research about the importance of a father in their children’s lives. The truth is: we need you. We want you to be in our lives. There are stories, life issues and discussions a child can only have with you. This may seem to be a Herculean pressure for you to […]

On & Off The Field

Athleticism in my family stopped with my father. My grandfather was a featherweight boxer in the army and both his sons followed in his footsteps. A baseball player through high school, Dad wanted desperately for one of the three of us kids to inherit the genes of a ball player. His preference was softball for […]