Hope For Change

We must not forget that Jesus can repair even the worst, most hurtful relationship. Nothing is impossible with our God! Love covers a multitude of sins (I Peter 4:8) and our God is the Healer.  God honors our humility and obedience. In my case, he used my repentance and determination to love as a means of healing me and the relationship with my father.

A Houndsman’s Loyalty

…those were the days that defined for me who my father is: a man who can climb a ridge through brush so thick it could tear your hide off, carry a bear out of a canyon on his back — even after it had been broken in a logging accident, and never gives up on a lost hound.

Fathers Can Make the Difference

From my earliest memories, I remember Dad would look into my eyes when he spoke to me. And when I offered a bit of childlike wisdom of my own, he would stop, ponder what I said, and respond as if having an audience with me was the greatest honor ever bestowed on him.

Lessons from Harry

My grandfather taught me the values of skilled craftsmanship. He thought the highest praise a man could earn was to be called a mechanic, which in his time meant a man who could work with tools and machines. While he always encouraged me to do well in school, he would also say, “Learn all that you can. But be sure you also learn a trade, because that is what will keep you going in bad times.”