My Dad Didn’t Miss a Performance or a Game

After watching The Father Effect documentary, I couldn’t help but to reflect upon the times spent with my dad. My story with my dad is not a sad one with the exception of the fact that he died of a sudden heart attack one week before his forty-ninth birthday. I’m currently fifty-four hoping to be fifty-five in August and I am not anywhere close to thinking about dying, so I know dying was not on his mind that fateful day of April 7, 1985.  I’m sure he was looking forward to celebrating his forty-ninth birthday the following week on April 14th.

As I watched the documentary, I listened as so many of the men and women interviewed shared how they wished his/her dad had been there for him/her for things such as performances, father/daughter or father/son school events and the like and I could not help but think back to when I played little league baseball and performed musically during my high school years.  It occurred to me that my dad did not miss one game or performance that I was in. He may have been dead tired after working in the factory all day, but he made it his business for he and my mom to be there.  I was a pitcher on my little league baseball team and you would have thought that I was pitching for the New York Yankees.

To the dads out there, our presence is so important to our children when they are performing whether it be athletic, academic, or the arts. We must make time to show up at their games and performances. We must go back to Report Card Nights at school and anywhere else our children are exhibiting any type of skill. They are looking to make us proud. They are looking for us to say “You did good.”  I thank my dad and my mom for not missing a performance and it really hit home for me while watching The Father Effect.

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