“Daddy” By Sandra J. Charite

I remember sitting in your lap

As you watched TV

Wrapped in your arms,

I felt safe so nothing could harm me


I remember the Saturday afternoon rides

Down the Little Haiti streets

My head looking out the window

As I sat quietly in the backseat


I remember the make believe pool

You built for us when I was six

I remember you always finding something

In the house to fix

Obsessed and constantly grooming

That old beat up car

And always there to bandage

Every cut and scar


I remember you forcing us

To go to church every Sunday

And reminding us

Every night to pray


As I got older,

Our relationship fell apart

Your words and actions

Left bruises in my heart

So I stayed away

Believing I would

Forgive you one day


So many things

You didn’t do

But I can’t hold those things

Against you


I remember you calling me

A day after my birthday

Like it was all okay

But how could I be mad

Because you will always

Be my dad

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