My Father’s Legacy

My father became a Christian out of a totally pagan cultural environment. He had begun listening to Sunday sermons on his car radio and one day he simply pulled off to the side of the road and gave his heart to Jesus. He was a changed man from that moment. His family was horrified. Religion […]

My Dad, Elvis, and a Trip to Memphis: A Real-Life Fairytale

Gather round, children. I’m gonna tell you a scary story by the campfire tonight. Once upon a time, way back in the 1980s when men were hairy and women bought Aquanet by the gallons, a family decided to go on a vacation to Graceland, the home of Elvis. Elvis was indeed a King, The King […]


Alfred. That’s my father-in-law’s name. Alfred. No nicknames. Everyone calls him by his Christian name, Alfred. Before I met him, the only Alfred I had ever known was the butler at Stately Wayne Manor. At this moment, he’s in a skilled nursing facility in Texas. It’s almost dinnertime there. The other residents get trays delivered […]


“Daddy” By Sandra J. Charite I remember sitting in your lap As you watched TV Wrapped in your arms, I felt safe so nothing could harm me   I remember the Saturday afternoon rides Down the Little Haiti streets My head looking out the window As I sat quietly in the backseat   I remember […]

Look Up

When our youngest daughter was three years old she received a free balloon at the grocery store – a pink balloon with white, curly ribbon. I carefully tied it onto her tiny wrist so it wouldn’t float up to the rafters while we shopped. We successfully made it to the parking lot and into the […]

My Dad Didn’t Miss a Performance or a Game

After watching The Father Effect documentary, I couldn’t help but to reflect upon the times spent with my dad. My story with my dad is not a sad one with the exception of the fact that he died of a sudden heart attack one week before his forty-ninth birthday. I’m currently fifty-four hoping to be […]

I Never Knew My Dad

My heart sank as I watched the young dad’s story on the afternoon talk show. Not only had he never known his dad, but his mom had abandoned him at age five. Now in his 40’s, he was seeking answers as to why and how his mother could have done that. He thought he must […]

Second-Chance Dad

Alcoholism can take its toll on a father/child relationship.  It leaves the relationship broken and causes pain in the hearts of both the father and the child.  Sometimes, the damage is so intense that it never gets mended.  But sometimes…a man opens his heart to God and lets the healing begin.  When that happens, anything […]