Three Lessons My Dad Taught Me Without Saying a Word

My Dad’s dream was crushed very early on. Growing up he had always wanted to be a pilot.  Not just any pilot; he wanted to fly for the U.S. Air Force.  It’s all he thought about.  He worked hard in school and did well enough in Air Force ROTC that after graduation, they sent him […]

Sacrifices and Snowballs

The snow was falling in miniature but unrelenting flakes that accumulated faster than seemed possible. As we drove home, lawns rapidly disappeared, followed by sidewalks and then streets. Plows dropped their shovels with clangs that startled, even when you saw it happen. My father slowed the car to a crawl. The headlights glared off the […]

Walking in the Footsteps of Giants

I was born on a temperate 68o day in San Francisco at 1:31 in the afternoon, August 10, 1957.  I was Saturday’s child, the sixth of eight.  I was born at the height of the Baby Boom. That week people were listening to Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear by Elvis Presley and Love Letters […]

Smoke on the Water – A Memory with Dad

They showed up on the lake one night, visible in the morning, silent in the mist, their shapes nothing at all like what we’d seen before on this small body of water.  A few miles away was a large and swiftly flowing river, bringing with it goods from afar.  But this little lake was what […]