As I grew up I used to admire my Dad. Actually even today I do admire him big time. There was that special place of him. The respect that he earned without demanding. The authority that comes with being the head of the family. Often you would hear mom say “let’s keep that for your […]

Consistently Transferring Fatherly Wisdom

With the responsibilities that fathers take on, it can often become overwhelming to oversee a vibrant and busy family. You deal with wives that have their own parental responsibilities and agendas for the day as well as children who are seeking to learn and test their environment. But at the end of the day, a […]

Meaningful Rituals

When Dad picks up an empty conch shell larger than his hand, and holds it up like treasured bounty–no cracks or chips–I expect him to place it into his bucket. Instead, he sets the bucket down next to his fishing pole, and fastens the shell to his ear, like a telephone. “Let me hear!” I […]

A Dad Who Turned His Life Around

For the first decade of my life, my dad, Don W., was a drunk without hope. He started drinking in the Navy where his first drinks of whiskey turned into his first drunk. He said he never wanted to forget that first drink and his last drink for they were both pivotal times in his […]

The sacrifice and commitment of an amazing father

Psalm 103:12-13 As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us. Like as a father pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear him. Why is a father so important in a childs life? A real man will never neglect his duties to his […]

A Daughter Remembers

I stood at our apartment window, watching the birds fly between our fire escape and the trees behind our building. “Stop dawdling. Put your coat on.” Yelled my mother. “Your dad has to get to work.” I liked school but hated waiting at that bus stop on the hill. I was the youngest one there, […]

There are many “fathers”…

I still remember his genuine smile and perfect white teeth. But I also remember standing in formation the first day of Army basic training, wondering what the next 9 weeks would bring. I was a rough-around-the-edges 21 year old who was skeptical that I would learn anything “new” from the Army. But this “squared away” […]

My Dad: A Hard Working Man

Growing up in Springdale, Arkansas, I was a witness to the hard labor of my parents. When we first moved from Tulsa, my parents bought a run-down house on the poor side of town and systematically rebuilt practically the entire thing. My mom dad built closets for the bedrooms, cabinets for the bathroom, layed itchy […]