Inspirational Fathers

Even under the best of circumstances, fatherhood is not easy. In fact, fatherhood is very difficult. No one should ever tell a young man that fatherhood will be easy for him. I worked hard and tried to be a good father to my children (three daughters). I still try hard. My girls are grown now, […]

I Am My Father’s Daughter

I Am My Father’s Daughter My parents divorced in 1972. I was ten years old and my brother, Mike, was thirteen. We lived in California at the time, having transferred there in 1969 from Kansas as a result of a job transfer for my dad. After my parents divorced, my mother moved my brother and […]

The Big Shot Pastor

When our kids were in grade school, we pastored a wonderful church on the Oregon Coast for several years. Coastal towns can be great places to live, and our family still looks back on those years with great warmth and affection. Shortly after we arrived in Newport, we sensed that God was beginning to do […]

The last and best Christmas

The news struck me like a knife to my heart. My brothers words echoed in my head “Dad’s cancer’s back.” I felt like a sledgehammer was laying on my chest as I tried to breathe. He had been treated a year before and now it was back. Didn’t cancer know how much I loved my […]