A Baby Girl Saved By Her Hero, Her Daddy.

This beautiful story began Thirteen years ago. A little baby girl, left abandoned, cold, and malnourished, whom we nicked named Binky. My husband and I met later in marriage.  At the time, I was blessed with five beautiful children, my husband blessed with two sons. Most of our children young adults, were living on their own. We cared for my two youngest. My […]

He Really Gets Me

“I’m sure I won’t get the lead. Why even try out?” I posited. I was fifteen years old, contemplating auditioning for the school play. On an unconscious level, I knew my comment would trigger an impassioned response from my father. But rather than disagree with me about my declared lack of talent, he seemed to […]

Fathers are Servants

One of the best moments I had with my father was around the time I became a father myself.  He often tells me that the early years of my brothers and I growing up were some of the best of his and my mother’s lives.  It’s touching to hear that and be reminded of it.  […]

Like Father, Like Son

On Sunday, May 22, 2016, I lost one of the most important and influential people in my life, my father and although I have, and will always miss him, I was fortunate enough to have worked by his side in a family owned business for fifteen-years. They were easily the most rewarding and memorable years […]

Walking Across Sea World

My father dislikes shopping of any kind. Gift shops are particularly pointless. We just paid how much to get in, and now they want us to buy overpriced junk just because it’s got their logo on it? I don’t think so! I share that so you’ll understand how rare it was to have him inside […]

Why My Dad is My First and Closest Mentor

“What do we do now?,” I asked. “Guess we will have to find another way,” said my dad, as he peered over the edge of the cliff. We stood at the end of a trail on a three-sided cliff surrounded by gullies of snow on each side. Our GPS gave us two possible trails for […]

How do Dads raise the bar for their children to strive in a complex world?

The following excerpt from one of the stories in God Gave Us Wings provides a wonderful example of the importance of a positive father figure in a child’s life. As this true story reveals, fathers are crucial to their children’s emotional well-being because children base their foundational ideas about how to relate to others and […]

Filling the Gaps

In many ways I’m blessed to have grown up with two dads. No, I didn’t come from a divorced family. I was raised by a Mom and Dad along with my sister and two brothers. We had a great life for the most part. We were a blue collar family with a Father who worked […]