The importance of fatherly leadership

I believe that dads play a key role in the healthy development of their children. They are the first guide and role model in a child’s life. It is a major responsibility to provide strong leadership to kids that will help shape them into healthy and thriving adults. Dads offer love, wisdom, guidance, advice, and protection. Although my own father passed away when I was just a little girl, I have had the honor of having a surrogate father in a pastor whom I admire greatly.

This man is not only pastor of a church, but has a father ministry that reaches the inner city youth, providing mentorship and guidance. He takes time out of his busy schedule to read to illiterate inner city children. He often provides the leadership, love and support that many of these young lives lack in their every day lives. I can count on him to offer me wisdom and direction when I need it. I respect him as a leader, husband, and father because he is a man of integrity whose work reflects his belief system. He is an active leader in the church and the community, offering his time to service and leadership where needed.

This pastor has provided me with sound and honest advice through the years. One particular season of my life when I was dealing with severe health issues, the took time out of his schedule to offer me his prayers, wisdom, and sage advice. I greatly admire him because he has a healthy and thriving family, which further exemplifies his personal values and belief systems. I trust him because I see his family and how they live. His children are a reflection of the love and the values that he has shared with them throughout their lives. I find it honorable when a man is the same in his household as he is in public with others. This pastor is highly regarded in the community for his exceptional skills in leadership and as a teacher of the Bible. He lives what he teaches.

In today’s day and age, where many kids lack positive male role models, I value the efforts of men who take their roles as fathers seriously. Fathers who are active participants in the every day life of their children as well as offering their time and service to their community. Whether it’s going to the ball game, or helping their children with homework, effective leadership in a child’s life is essential to their personal development. I believe that men who exemplify this are a force to be reckoned with, and an example to others.

Thank you fathers for all that you do. Thank you for sacrificing for your children every day and for being great fathers. For the love, passion, and devotion you offer to everything you do. I honor you for working hard to provide security, love, safety and protection to your children. You are appreciated.

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