More Than A Christmas Melody

Music has a very special role in the traditions and holiday festivities of Christmas, but as for me, Christmas music particularly reminds me of my father. From the time that I can remember, my father has always loved to sing and what’s even more special is that he also influenced me to have the same joy and enthusiasm for music.

With a voice like Frank Sinatra, I always thought my father was the best singer in the whole world. He would sing in the kitchen while washing dishes, sing while mowing the lawn, sing in the car as he drove me to school and sing in the sanctuary of the church he pastored each week before people arrived. Music was more than a melody to my father it was his medicine.

It was no surprise to my mom when she noticed that I also had that same special connection with music. From the time I was growing in her womb, my father was always singing to me and helping to lighten the burdens of my heart with a melody. He showed me that I could inspire, encourage and give hope to others through music.

When I was ten-years-old, my father came to me two weeks before Christmas and asked if I would like to join him in singing a duet of “O Holy Night” at the candlelight Christmas Eve service at our church. At first, I was ecstatic that he would ask me to sing with him, but then I began to think about all the people who would be there and the super high notes at the end of the song! My hands began sweating and I told him I would think about it. He didn’t pressure me and gave me a hug.

Several days later, I told my father that I wanted to sing with him at the Christmas Eve service. He asked what changed my mind and I said, “Even if I mess up the words or the notes, I know you’ll be there to help me, Dad.”

That Christmas Eve was the most priceless night of my childhood seeing all the beautiful candles illuminating the darkness shining light on so many faces and knowing that my loving father was right by my side as we sang beautiful melodies of joy and hope for all mankind. It was more than a Christmas melody; it was a moment that changed my life forever.

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