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As a young child of five or six years old, my dad would ask me to go outside and play catch with him. I took a couple in the chest, nose and face, but eventually learned all the ins and outs of throwing and catching a baseball. He instilled a real love and affection for the game of baseball. Over the years, as I grew up, that love of the game grew even deeper. I studied the game, learned all the vital statistics and played every spare moment. It was that deep abiding love of baseball that would lead me to the single most important decision of my life.

Moving over thirty times before finishing high school, we landed in SE Oklahoma in 1971, as a result of my dad’s job that frequently moved us around the country. I really wanted to find a baseball team I could connect with that first summer in hot Oklahoma. I washable to hook up with an American Legion team in the small town we were living in. It was that moment that my whole life had been pointing to. Not long after joining the team, everyone was talking about a place called called Falls Creek. I had no idea where Falls Creek was located, or anything about it. I was told it was a place to play softball and chase chicks, so I was immediately on board with it. I should’ve been suspicious when we had to get there on a church bus.

We did play a lot of softball, and I met a beautiful young lady from Hobart , Oklahoma, but most importantly, I was introduced to Jesus Christ, and I made the best and most important decision of my life. I received Jesus into my life and it was a game changer! Before I finished high school, I would lead both parents, my brother and my sister to Christ. My parents would in turn lead over sixty five other family members to Jesus! I knew the moment I met Jesus I was to serve him, follow him and work for him all the days of my life.

I’m sixty years old now, my dad passed away almost four years ago, and it left a huge hole in my heart. He was my hero, my best friend and my inspiration. It was the love of baseball that my dad planted inside of me back in the early 1960’s, and over thirty moves that brought us to Oklahoma, to that team of guys, which would lead me to Falls Creek, to Jesus so I could give my dad what I had received…life forever in God’s presence! By the way, I carry my dad’s baseball glove along with mine, in the trunk of my car as I’m always ready to play catch with anyone willing to listen to my story and join me on this wonderful journey with Jesus. I can’t wait to play catch with dad again on the other side!

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  1. Hi Boe- Great post and thank you for sharing. I am sorry for the loss of your father, but it sounds like you guys had a great relationship: I can only hope to be called a “hero, best friend and inspiration” from my kids, whether here or gone. I have a great love for Jesus and baseball as well, and this is embedded in our new ministry. I would love to connect some time! I love that you carry your dad’s glove. Thanks again for sharing.

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