For The Love Of The Game

As a young child of five or six years old, my dad would ask me to go outside and play catch with him. I took a couple in the chest, nose and face, but eventually learned all the ins and outs of throwing and catching a baseball. He instilled a real love and affection for […]

Game On

When I was six years old, family friends gave us their old ping pong table. On day one, my dad handed me a paddle and it was game on. Games were to 21 and in the beginning, he would spot me 19 points.  That meant I had to score only 2 points before he could […]

A Stake In The Ground Not a Stick In The Mud

My dad was a Pentecostal preacher. But he never preached to me. As a man of many words it was stunning when he would become silent. Right when I would expect a lecture he would say nothing at all. All the while, being there with me. Like the time I was arrested for street racing. […]

My Father Showed Me How To Be A Better Mother

A father’s impact is substantial in the life of his daughter. Like most dads, mine offered pieces of advice over the years.  Things like: “Never discuss Religion or Politics.” “You won’t have the same friends your entire life.” “Don’t settle on only one career; do everything you want.” But in my day-to-day life, what my father […]