Courage in the Face of Persecution

My dad, the first example of Christ in my life   I will forever remember the sound of the worn out rubber of old bicycle tires on mushy snow and the feeling of icy rain on my face. I didn’t mind, as a child, sitting on a small kiddie seat on the front bar of […]

Coming to One’s Aid

1 Thessalonians 5:11 says, “Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.” Paul is encouraging believers to lift up fellow believers. The actual Greek word for “encourage” means, “to call to one’s side” or better stated, “To come to one’s aid.” As I look back on my life […]

Don’t Underestimate Your Influence

I’ve been a high school teacher for almost twelve years now. I’ve spent the last nine years at the same school and very recently I informed my boss that I’ve acquired employment elsewhere. For the days following I was waiting for my boss to inform my colleagues to make it all official, and I was […]

What I Told The Father of My Granddaughters

My youngest son asked me if I ever got impatient with him when he was little. The query arose because of his two pre-school daughters – my granddaughters. The first thing I thought to say was, “I’m glad you don’t remember.” Here’s what I actually said… It was disappointing to me when I felt impatient […]

Father’s Memory Saves Lives.

My  father Reginald Read died in 1968 when I was 14 and he was 46 . I am 62 now, so I have lived more than four times longer without him than with him. Yet his memory is still strong and I still carry his picture in my wallet.  He was a Royal Marine in […]

I am who I am because of my dad’s influence

My name is Christie Beckley, and I am a musician, songwriter, and author. I would not be who I am without the influence of my Dad in my life. My dad is very creative and a hard worker. I learned how to be a musician because my dad introduced music into my life. So now, […]

My Dad – Why I said “I love you” first.

  My 86 year old dad passed a year ago. Our relationship over the past 30 years  evolved into one of mutual love, respect, and admiration. Aside from my husband and daughter, I am more authentic with my dad than anyone else. As a child, I never thought this could have happened.  It is all […]