To the Men that Helped Me Learn to Shine

My father embodies the words heroism and survivor.  He survived a tour as a grunt soldier in Vietnam.  Through my life his perseverance has stood as a beacon of strength.  One could call it stubbornness, but I see it as an enduring legacy of brute force and honor. No matter how old I get, I […]

Setting the Path on Triplet’s Hill

Blinding white with sparkling snow, Triplet’s Hill towered above my small, six-year-old pudgy body. The sun shone dull and cold through winter’s steely clouds. Crisp, cold air wisped through the hill’s bare, frozen trees, instigating persistent cracks in a predominantly silent world. Triplet’s Hill was the first hill of my childhood; one to conquer and […]

Daddy’s Choice: The Heart of the Father

Anyone can be a Dad, but it takes character and commitment to become a Father. Some have children born in their own households, some adopt children from a foreign land, some mentor children not their own and still others choose to become parents of step-children. That’s just what my husband did when he came into […]


  The sweat on the wrinkled skin of the autumn apples, the scent of ochre-crimson apple-pulp, fermenting in the fireplace, remind me of my father, a standing skeptic on our summer balcony, his arms, nude, his sun-lit body, facing the bronze statue of his physician colleague, in the swarming city whose residents he diagnosed with […]

My Dad, William James Roberts

When I think of my dad, a smile usually comes across my face. He was a good man with a heart for God, full of integrity, and he had a contagious sense of humor. I have many memories of my dad. One memory was when my dad took me fishing. It was the first time […]

3 Things Hall of Fame Dads Say

I’m better than my dad at basketball.  That’s not much of a feat considering he’s seventy.  I was able to beat my dad at basketball when I was fifteen, though.  Dad was strong, but not quick, and had a soft touch on his shots.  The one move that always used to get me was his […]

The Father Who Gave it All

One of the important things about being a father is being there for your kids. I’m not talking about simply living in the same house, paying the bills, or putting food on the table. I mean spending quality time with your son or daughter and creating memories together. Thankfully, I have a father that went […]

Patricia Simmons Casciano on Facebook

My dad was a loving, sentimental, protective, patient man.  He grew up on a farm, fought in World War 11 and returned to work at Allied Chemical where he became a production foreman.  He worked shift work for decades while dreaming of someday moving to a farm and raising cattle.  He led by example attending […]