The power of a napkin…

Who is the most influential person you know? Think about that for just a second. Now, ask yourself this: Who is the person who has influenced you the most? Is it the same person? Do the answers even come close to each other? OK, now, think about this: why is the most influential person you […]

The Life-Changing Fatherly Advice My Dad Gave Me

A friend and father recently asked me, “What’s the best piece of advice your dad gave you?” And I really had to take a minute to think on it. Not because there was a shortage of advice, but because I made a lot of mistakes, which meant I got a lot of repeated advice. That […]

The Blessing of a Dad

On father’s day I think about the blessing of my Dad How God has truly blessed me with a strong yet loving man He leads his family gently, with patient discipline And when his children falter, he’s there to hold their hand. My Dad’s a gentle teacher; he’s patient with his kids He helps with […]

Can Dads Teach Happiness To Their Kids?

As we all know, fathers play critical roles in the lives of their children. In the midst of driving to baseball games and swim meets, grilling hot dogs, and making your kid laugh, you might not have been thinking about the happiness habits you are instilling along the way. Before learning about the “science of […]

MY First Touchdown

I was nine years old when I ran seven yards for my first touchdown playing pop warner football in Plainfield, NJ. I remember the name of our team was the Plainfield Blue Devils, which my mother never really liked. I remember the excitement I felt having my teammates jumping on me as we celebrated our […]

Down But Not Done

One of the first memories I have of my father was seeing him preach in the pulpit on a Sunday morning and an hour later coaching on the side of the mat at my brothers’ wrestling matches. With two older brothers who both loved sports and a father who was a national wrestler in college, […]

His Pay Stubs……..

My father passed away one week prior to his forty-ninth birthday as a result of a massive heart attack (myocardial infarction) on April 7, 1985. As with any death, things happen quickly in terms of arrangements and everything else that goes along with a sudden death. As I am considered somewhat strange because I have […]

On Being a Daddy

Any man can be a father, but not every man can be a daddy.   There’s  a distinct difference embedded in the DNA of the parent-child relationship that is made clear by words and actions.  It is stitched into the fabric of every interaction and sewn tightly together with the needle of love. One of the […]