A good father possesses many qualities that brings out greatness in a child’s beliefs, values in themselves and the world

The strength and boldness of a man’s presence and words gives security and clarity in a world that seems to be so broken and dysfunctional. The stability of a well-grounded and principled man is not only the blue print of how a man should be, it also sets the precedence of future relationships.

Ironically, the male figures that I am referring to are not related to me. We just happened to cross paths and they acted as my mentors or surrogate fathers / brothers.  A common shared quality was the giving in their time both unconditionally and unreservedly.

Below are three occasions that was particularly poignant:

I had a very unpleasant experience in an interview and I was beside myself. The organisation had all the signs that it was unsuitable for me. My desperation had fed my vulnerability. My mentor’s words comforted my pain and provided me with direction in moving on.

After several emails, it was clear to my mentor that my confidence had hit rock bottom.  He took the time out to meet with me, giving me some words of wisdom for me to realise my indefinite potential.

I had real problems getting meaningful work due many factors and my options looked slim. My mentor spotted a lot more talent in me than I was aware of and his words of encouragement set me on a path in thinking beyond my circumstances.

The above 3 occasions were not extra- ordinary. The power was in the words spoken to me by planting new seeds of hope and faith. In many ways, they were my biggest cheerleaders and wiped away years of negativity and strife. The patience and kindness moved me into valuing my future instead of identifying with the past.

My mourning has turned into my soaring as a result, I now lead a very productive life despite the trials and tribulations.  I am also confident that one day, I will succeed beyond recognition in spite of the abandonment from my own father.

You can read more about my journey on my blog and I can honestly say without the direction of these key male figures, who took me under their wings and essentially repaired the deep voids and scars.  I wouldn’t have been so positive, my soul has been restored through their compassion and their wisdom became my source.  It renewed my faith in mankind and healed my inner brokenness. I feel forever blessed that I have lived to tell the tale, in how a simple gift of time can have such life changing effects.

Thank you for reading this and I would encourage you all to share and comment, it’s only by having these conversations we start to impact change and make a better world for generations to come.


Kenix Lau

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