No price too high for high school football & choir recitals

One day it all ends. Your son goes on to college, graduates and moves away. Your daughter grows up, sings much less often, and is the adult you dreamed of, if not the performer she once imagined. At that point what you, their dad has, is the memories of high school sporting events, and choral […]

Looking Back

Every summer as a child I had the luxury of spending family time at our lake house in the Pocono mountains. I loved experiencing swimming, fishing, waterskiing and roasting marshmallows. Most memorable was witnessing fireworks at midnight on a boat with my entire family on the Fourth of July. Those were special moments that will […]

Raising a Family While Serving your Country

When you couple military life and its demands, obligations and responsibilities to the raising of a family, it can, and often does poise unique “challenges;” especially when your family is comprised of six children (4 girls and 2 boys). I also know from firsthand experience exactly what it feels like to miss birthdays, sporting events, […]

Divorce Doesn’t Have to Mean Dad-less

I was five when my parents divorced, and apart from a few months in 7th grade, I never lived in the same city as my Dad again. There are so many ways that story could have gone. We could have been the kids who told of a Dad-less childhood, or ones whose Dad—discouraged by distance—took less […]

Still My Dad

My story is similar to most people’s that I write about. It starts out with a mom and pop, but somehow, the pop magically disappears. My parents separated with I was six and I remember the day he told me the news like it was yesterday and I’m 50+ years young today. Anyway, my dad […]

I wish I had

A former NFL All-Pro defensive end for the Cleveland Browns, Bill Glass has a decades-old ministry that was built on outreach in prisons. One time the ministry developed an idea someone suggested — buy Mother’s Day cards, envelopes and stamps with donations, then set up tables in the prison where men could come by and […]

An Extraordinary Moment Arranged by my Dad

June 3, 2005. The day was charged with an excitement unlike any other because today was the day my dad was taking my sisters and I to the opening day of Lords of Dogtown. A movie about “skateboarding back in his day” was how he described it. I was peeking through the curtain of fourteen […]

God Is Good All the Time

I was asked to write a blog post about something a dad, mentor, friend or coach might have said to me that I found encouraging or that had an impact on my life. Well, as I am sure it is for most of you, there are so many! I am finding it so hard to […]

A Pastor’s Daughter’s Tribute to Her Inspirational Loving Dad!

Growing up in a pastor’s home was always such an honor for me. My dad always made me feel safe because I trusted him. He led me to faith in Jesus when I was five years old. Although I have forgotten most of his sermons, I distinctly remember his prayers at my bedside & all […]

The Power of a Fathers Inheritance

What will you leave behind for your children and grandchildren? Proverbs 13:22 says, “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children”. I don’t want to talk about money or material possessions, although that is good and decent. I want to talk about something of far greater worth. Something that can literally change and […]

A good father possesses many qualities that brings out greatness in a child’s beliefs, values in themselves and the world

The strength and boldness of a man’s presence and words gives security and clarity in a world that seems to be so broken and dysfunctional. The stability of a well-grounded and principled man is not only the blue print of how a man should be, it also sets the precedence of future relationships. Ironically, the male figures that I am referring to are not related to me. […]

Why Every Dad Should Take A Timeout Before Scolding Their Children

When my oldest daughter was two years old she and I had a rocky relationship. Of course it had more to do with me but at the time I was blinded by my immaturity as a father. I had no idea how to teach my children what to do and not do. I was raised old school […]