One Determined Dad

If you ever listen to the radio in your car, you know how a song or something a DJ says suddenly grabs your attention?

Sometimes it’s because they’re giving away tickets to your favorite artist’s next concert!

This time, I turned on the radio in my car and it was on the Christian station where I used to be a DJ, KSBJ in Houston, TX. Author Max Lucado came on and shared an incredible story of one determined dad who couldn’t find his son.

This father didn’t just lose his son at a park or at the mall. This guy could not find his son after a terrible earthquake. He spent all day looking, and would not give up. It wasn’t until 38 long, exhausting hours later, that this dad pulled a heavy piece of rubble and heard a voice.

“Dad? Is that you?”

“My son!”

His son replied, “Dad! I knew you would come! I told all the kids who are here with me that my Daddy would find us. I knew it because you promised.”

I sat there in my car, speechless.

It was an instant reminder that God is like that father with us. He doesn’t give up. His promises are true.

He is the shepherd in the Bible story, who leaves 99 sheep safely behind while he goes out to search, determined to find the one who got lost.

He is the savior who, while we were yet sinners, died for us on the cross and rose again, determined to give us a new life.

Later, I read this verse on my Bible app:

“You have done many good things for me, LORD, just as you promised.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭119:65‬ ‭NLT‬‬

You might feel like your home, your car, heck your whole life is like a mess of rubble. And it’s one thing if the mess is caused by an earthquake that is out of your control. But what if you made your own mess?

Can you picture God, moving rubble out of the way to rescue you? Can you imagine Him doing “many good things for you?”

He can pull you out, clean up the mess, give you a new life and help you be the Dad you know you can be. You can get Dad tips from the Best Dad Ever!

All you have to do is listen and follow. He’ll show you how it’s done.

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