My dad is no longer with us but he was very present when he was. Dad was an excellent provider and loved my mom dearly. He always reminded my mom that her going to work was not an option and she would be so disappointed. I could not understand it myself but it was so rewarding to have my mom at home, coming in from school and great meals prepared. My dad drank but was not seen as an alcoholic because he never neglected to do the things that were conducive to our holistic well-being but in reality he was. It was during those times of drinking that he would loudly proclaim, “The pure in heart, shall see God.”

I would hear it but not pay must attention until I got older, realizing that he was setting such a foundation of truth in our lives, that would follow us for a lifetime. It has become my rule for living. I’ve learned that in keeping my heart right with God and people, that everything will ALWAYS work in my favor; for my good. My dad was a regular in promoting the good news even though he never attended church, until I had my first trial sermon. He apparently encountered a bad situation but never shared why he did not go. He did not make us go either but my mom did, even without her attending as well. My dad whose name was Arthur would say “me and God“, as if they were a team, and then in an outburst, there was “the pure in heart, shall see God“, again. Those episodes have become such a rewarding lesson and have set such valuable standards for my life. It made it easy for me to understand and accept the salvation of Jesus Christ. Because I remember to keep a pure heart, I’ve continued to win in every aspect of my life, even during the times of my error.  It makes life easier and less dramatic. It has helped me to forgive wrongs easily and right my wrongs faster. What an awesome dad he was and to see to it that his children understood the principle of doing the right things in life. I am forever grateful to both my parents but especially my dad who proclaimed daily to obtain and maintain a pure heart. He was respected in the community and at work. In spite of his drinking, he did not allow it to alter his character as a law-abiding citizen. We are the ones who are responsible for our actions and to be accountable as well. That too is a lesson he exhibited, never blaming his drinking on anything but rather encouraging everyone he met to have a pure heart, even during unfortunate times. I graciously do my curtsy to my dad then and now to know that I will win in life if I keep a pure heart. Thank you and may God bless and favor every reader!

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