Zoo Trips and Tickle Fights

If you’re a new dad, your kids at some point will ask for stuff. Brace yourself. It’s coming. Your newborn might be crying for food and diaper changes now, but later it’ll be:

Dad! Take me to the Zoo! I wanna see the PAAAAANDAAAAASSSSS!

Dad, can we go to the Aquarium?

Dad, can you buy me football cards?

Now, I have to brag for just a minute. My hubby Adam is an awesome dad. We’ve had to juggle different work schedules with my radio jobs (I’ve done everything from morning to afternoon to evening shows.) He’s always stepped in to change diapers, meet me halfway with a baby that needed to be fed, prepared meals and whatever else needed to be done. He prays with the kids at night, and they won’t go to sleep until Daddy blesses them. I think it’s cute.

And I’m so thankful.

Hey, if you can take your kids to the Zoo, the Aquarium, the Rodeo, Disney World, all those things are awesome! But you might be surprised what kids think makes a great Dad.

I recently asked our kids, 10-year-old Christopher and 6-year-old Allyson what they appreciate about Daddy.

To be fair, Allyson did mention the zoo and the aquarium. Christopher mentioned football (cards, video games, coaching the team — he loves that Daddy does all that with him.)

But you know what they also said?

They said they appreciated that Daddy made them breakfast (every single morning when mommy was doing a radio show and had to leave before 5am!)

They said said they love it when Daddy tickles them and makes them laugh.

They said they like it when Daddy blesses them at night.

That made me thankful again.

As a wife and mom, I can tell you that what makes a Dad great is not just all the stuff you can give your kids. Budgets don’t always allow for all that (money expert Dave Ramsey would be happy we even have a budget!)

The best Dad you can be is one who is there when your family needs you, even if you have to rearrange schedules and do things that are out of your comfort zone (like driving an infant to get fed. Hungry babies cry a lot. It takes a GREAT Dad to deal with that!)

It’s about the big things AND the little things. Zoo trips and tickle fights.

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