A Mother’s Perspective on a Father and His Sons

As I am writing this, my fiance is nearly 500 miles away, starting out on the long journey home from San Francisco. His father passed away in December and he went to take care of some unfinished affairs. It has been a stressful 3 months, and I have grieved with my hubby as he misses […]

Learning to be a Mom by listening to the Dads

First time Mom, here. Still getting the hang of things, sometimes I feel like hiding under my bed. Not as easy as it looks, folks!!! But, wow, is it amazing!! Sounds cliché, but it’s true what they say: “you don’t know what love is, until you have a child”. Starting in this “business” I’ve felt […]


We perceive ourselves so pressed for time, counting the minutes before work ends, or the number of years left to retirement. Do you hope that time goes by quickly because you’re sick of doing diapers? Are you pissed because something inconvenienced you and is disrupting your creative energy? This is my TIME story. It was […]

Dad Taught me to Get it Done

Growing up the third of three children, we knew the life of typical family in the 70’s and 80’s; a working father and stay at home mom. My father was a self-employed contractor and landlord. We were never the family who had everything but we did pretty well at least when I was in my […]

Date with Destiny

The date was established in January of 2006 and came to fruition October 16, 2006 when I actually became a Dad! Many times men go through life and never truly accept the Date with Destiny but I was different in that I actually looked forward to the moment when I could groom my son for […]

Zoo Trips and Tickle Fights

If you’re a new dad, your kids at some point will ask for stuff. Brace yourself. It’s coming. Your newborn might be crying for food and diaper changes now, but later it’ll be: Dad! Take me to the Zoo! I wanna see the PAAAAANDAAAAASSSSS! Dad, can we go to the Aquarium? Dad, can you buy me football […]

The Influence of a Grandfather

I was just 4 years old, my sister Octavia was 2 and my sister Constantina was 1 month old when my father left us to come to the USA looking for the opportunity of a better life for everyone. He never went back again with us and after a while he stopped supporting my mother […]


When I was a four year old, my dad used to play a game with me where he would be my trusted steed and we would march around the house to discover various pieces of treasure. It can’t have been good for his knees. We also played a lot of hide-and-go-seek. One unforgettable time, he […]