Being Dad

I’d like to share the story of a young man, he and his family are actually one of the Case Studies in my forthcoming book “Saving Our Sons” A Parent’s Guide to Preparing Boys for Success. “Dylan” was full of anger the first time we met. According to his parents his temper was “always” explosive […]

Trust Your Instruments

Some of the best lessons fathers can teach their children are the lessons they don’t even know they are teaching.  When I was growing up, my father was a weekend hobby pilot.  After a stressful week combating a daily commute from the suburbs of Chicago into the very heart of metropolitan action and running the […]


Daddy In my thoughts, I have repeatedly penned these small reflections of our Father. It is challenging to know where to commence writing so many heartfelt memories and lessons taught by our father My two sisters’ and I always refer to him as ‘Daddy’.  He was a tall, handsome, kind, compassionate, and gentle man that […]

A Firm Handshake and a Look in the Eye: How I Connected with my Dad

“The eyes are the window to the soul.” –Traditional Proverb Our eyes tell people what we are thinking. They can sparkle and twinkle and laugh just as easily as they can shoot daggers. Making eye contact  not only lets others know what you are thinking, it encourages them to give you their attention. My father was […]

What I want my dad to know now that I’m a Mommy

Dear Dad, It’s funny how becoming a parent gives a person perspective about their own upbringing. You start thinking about how you want to raise your child and you carefully consider your parents’ approach. You run through reels of memories and think about what you would do the same, what you would do differently, and […]

My Dad’s Gift of Silence

A gift from my Dad was teaching me about the use of silence in life.  Not silence in the aspect of punishment,  but silence given to a situation or space when words would have shattered my ego or ignited a fire inside of me.  When holding space and letting me just be was exactly what […]