Daughter Moments

Have you ever had a moment with your father that left such an indelible impression that, as a result, you are forever changed? A daughter’s positive relationship with her father may determine the course of her life, steering her with loving and accepting arms toward her life’s purpose.

A Father’s Impact

As a young girl, I grew up with a close relationship to my father and enjoyed his immense affections for the years prior to my parent’s separation. I have vivid memories of him from a young age proving to me that his parenting truly impacted my life. People often mistakenly think a daughter’s relationship with her mother more influential than her relationship with her father, but from my experience I firmly believe both relationships had equal influence in shaping who I was to become. The never ending memories my father poured into my life will always help me to understand the importance of a male role model to a young girl. It leaves everlasting feelings and thoughts of what true fatherhood is all about; investing time in your precious children and modeling to them how important they are to you through your intentions and actions. Such devoted care from a father gives daughters the confidence necessary to become impactful people themselves.


I remember my father as a loving, caring, giving, and sharing person.  He gave me so much of his love and he shared a lot of his time with me and my sister. He would teach us everything; how to ride a bike, how to clean our face and hands, he would teach us practical things, quizzing us on our address and phone number in case of emergency and how to count money. His time with us was more valuable than precious stones, at least that’s the way he made me feel. I remember all the wonderful road trips we took together and the way my father would stop intermittently to take pictures of my sister and I, wanting to soak up every moment and created collages of the different destinations we traveled to as a family.

My family and I bonded over cookouts and picnics in the park. Those moments were seemingly fleeting but incredibly valuable in creating cohesion and increasing a feeling of unity between us. I try to emulate the same bonding in my own family desiring to give my children the same warm, fuzzy feelings of security that my father always gave me. My father loved to dote on my sister and I, throwing us in the air, buying our first puppy, giving piggyback rides or taking us to the petting zoo.

“All the experiences we shared together culminated to a lasting imprint that he has forever left on my heart.”

When my father and mother separated I was left disappointed, confused and heartbroken. I couldn’t help but feel a personal sense of loss realizing I would no longer wake up to my father’s great big smile, hugs and kisses. Living life without him was incomprehensible. My world was shattered and this devastating loss led way to many life challenges for me that were only further compounded several years later after my father was murdered.

Life Beyond Dad

The loss of a father at a young age has many negative repercussions. I was not able to confide to my dad about my first date, introduce him to my fiancé, and receive his advice when buying my first car. Through adolescence I was miss him terribly throughout life’s big moments and later in adulthood I would still feel the loss as I wondered who was going to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. I was a young woman who needed her father.

Grateful for the moments we did share and resolute to make his legacy in my life a lasting one, I choose to reflect on the wonderful father he was daily and keep the memories I had with him alive. Fatherhood is a legendary experience and embracing a child with your love is encouraging, giving life and creating massive influence to those whom are fortunate enough to experience it.

What are some powerful examples of actions a father can take to impact a child’s life? What challenges do fatherless children face? Leave a comment and share your thoughts. We would love to hear from you.


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