3 Gifts Every Dad Can Give His Children

As someone who was blessed to have a devoted dad, I hope that sharing some of my experiences will encourage other dads and let them know that it truly is the little things that make such a positive impact in your children’s lives. My dad passed away from cancer seven years ago, but I continue […]

The Perfect Dad

When a girl grows up without her dad it can affect her in a lot of different ways. She can feel rejected, abandoned, insecure and lack self confidence.  She can develop an eating disorder because she has distorted body issues.  She can look for love in all the wrong places and keep trying to use […]

The One Thing Every Father Needs to Do

I stomped off in a teenage huff convinced that my mom was being irrational, unfair and of course, she didn’t like me. Though mother-daughter tensions seemed like the end of the world at the time, on this side of adulthood, I’m realizing these scuffles were part of my growing up and part of my mom’s letting go. […]

‘’I only want Mummy!’’ – 5 Tips To Help Dads Be Equal Parents

In my work as a Hand in Hand parenting instructor I’ve heard from many dads who feel pushed out. They experience hurt and upset, when their kids say, ‘’I don’t like you daddy, I only want mummy.’’ They aren’t sure how to build strong connections with their children when so much of the time they […]

You inspire; no matter what you do.

As a Dad you are the most beautiful gift to your children. You play an important role in how your child develops, what they actively engage in, why they want to do what they do or why they don’t. Most women I know are either daddy’s little girl or wanting to be. A strained relationship […]

Warrior Dads

Warrior Dads I spotted these two in the field just meandering, chatting and walking along together. A small recruit and a seasoned warrior, 81 years his junior. The experienced one walks on and points out many curiosities to the little one and when the stroll is over, the little one goes inside and the seasoned […]

Being Abba

Dads have an opportunity to set their children up for a lifetime of meaningful, grounded, and successful experiences. Unfortunately, they also have the potential to set their children up for failure, insecurity and struggle. There is an innate desire within all of us to connect with our fathers. I think this is a direct link […]

Daddies & Daughters:Learning To Be A Knight

  Dads, you’ve heard the research about the importance of a father in their children’s lives. The truth is: we need you. We want you to be in our lives. There are stories, life issues and discussions a child can only have with you. This may seem to be a Herculean pressure for you to […]

My Dad, a Proverbs 31 Dad

As I studied to be a better Proverbs 31 Woman, I realized that I needed a Proverbs 31 Husband to truly be able to be the wife GOD wanted me to be. I had a great role modal for what a Proverbs 31 Man should be in my Father. I just didn’t know how much […]

The Slamming Door and “Whatever.”

The reflection of our Heavenly Father in our own fathers is an ever-burning source of comfort and love. “God is our strength and our refuge, an ever-present help in trouble.” -Psalm 46:1 The memories I hold closest to my heart are the ones that play the sound of my Dad’s footsteps wandering back up the […]

The Simple Act of a Father

Fatherhood is a complicated word. Yes, the dictionaries tend to simplify it down to “the state of being a father” where father is “the male parent of one or more children.” Fatherhood is so much more than this boiled down skeleton. It’s a vast ocean with soaring waves of elation and depths so dark one […]

Something So Simple

After I had my second child, I went through a bit of depression. I remember sitting on the couch, still in my pajamas in the middle of the day, with my newborn who was beginning to fuss. Did I mention I had a 16-month-old toddling around as well? I felt paralyzed. I can’t remember what […]

Daughter Moments

Have you ever had a moment with your father that left such an indelible impression that, as a result, you are forever changed? A daughter’s positive relationship with her father may determine the course of her life, steering her with loving and accepting arms toward her life’s purpose. A Father’s Impact As a young girl, […]

Responsibility is Not a Burden

“Responsibility is not a burden. Responsibility left neglected becomes a burden.” Forever will this maxim be engrained in my memory. The principle of the importance of responsibility was thoroughly taught to me by my father, Leo Valladares, before I left home. A devout leader in the Church, a persistent musician, and a devoted family man […]

Seven Things That Are Helpful For Dads

There is nothing like learning ‘hands on’.  That’s what I feel anyway. Getting your hands on something, learning ‘on the job’. Being a dad has been like that for me, for sure.  With some things, you can be shown something many times but it’s not until you get to have a go that you realize […]

It Could Be Worse!

My father, Frank Boyer, used to listen to me when I was down in the dumps or upset about something.  He would then ask me, “What is the worst that can happen?”  So I would relate all the awful consequences of what could or would happen as a follow-on to the event topic.  After patiently listening […]

On & Off The Field

Athleticism in my family stopped with my father. My grandfather was a featherweight boxer in the army and both his sons followed in his footsteps. A baseball player through high school, Dad wanted desperately for one of the three of us kids to inherit the genes of a ball player. His preference was softball for […]

What My Kids Have Taught Me

I have three amazing kids. I mean amazing!  They each have their own personalities and all bring fulfillment to my life. As I sit watching them play this Sunday evening, I’m reminded how much they teach me. They have each taught me a something different and it brings tears to my eyes even thinking about […]

From a Father

I wrote this tiny two-line poem for my dad, who has always been so kind to me. I’ve never heard my daughter so broken. I have never felt a love that strong. Fathers. The first man a girl ever loves, the first love she will ever feel. I thank God every day for mine, the […]