You’re Officially a Dad Now What?

So mommy has carried your child for nine months, had hormone changes, excessive amounts of belly
rubs, and more attention than she has ever had.

You on the other hand have been wondering and imaging what Fatherhood is going to be like…

And then it happened…

Your child is here. You’re cutting the umbilical cord and holding your brand new little person saying to
yourself “Wow”. When I held my son for the first time his eyes were wide open and he and I had a
conversation.  Well I spoke and he seemed to absorb every word. I began to tell him all the promises my
heart allowed to come out of my mouth.

As a new Dad you may feel like you have no idea what to do next. And believe me I can completely
relate. What I do know is after seven years of Fatherhood those promises I made when I first held my
son are coming to pass. I didn’t have an exact plan on how to bring them to pass, nor do I have all of the
know how to bring them to pass now. Yet they are.

So to all of the new Dads that see this post just know you are capable of much more than you think you
are. There will be days where you will make sacrifices and decisions that will not get a thank you or even
an honorable mention.

And when those moments come just remember that you were specifically designated by God to be the

Dad your child needs.

I hope this post encourages you .

God Bless

Rodney Kellum

The Fatherpreneur

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