Daddy Daughter Date

Mondays are booked. Scheduled and filled in on our iPhones, iPads and, well, our hearts.

Why? Because it is designated as our Daddy Daughter Date night.

According to The Guardian, the average father spends about a half an hour per day with their children. (Source) While it indeed up from many years ago, still the dedicated time factor is very low. And, while both for mothers and fathers, it is still lower for fathers.

We all realize just how busy we are as parents, professionals, workers, homemakers, providers, and everything else needed – but when it boils down to the heart of relationship, good old fashioned quality time is still paramount to children. Daughters in particular for the need of father-daughter time.

From Transformers to imaginative secret agents to Club Penguin – whatever the case may be, the focus of our Monday nights are on us as Daddy and Daughter being close. We have combined our ideas into doing both something that she wants to do, and something the I as the father wants to do. A lot of cases may start out with the father doing mainly what the daughter wants to do (which includes tea cups, dollhouse, and what may seem un-manly like lol) but if the relationship is or continues to deepen, more times than not the daughter will also want to do something fun that the daddy likes to do.

Our daughter is a bit frustrated that she can’t “marry” me and I’m “taken” already by mommy, hehe, but that is a very good thing. The fact that she wants daddy for the rest of her life is not only healthy, but normal.

“When a girl’s first date is with her father, all other men must measure up.”
~Author Unknown

We have gone from dollhouse to movie night and restaurant special date outings over the years. In fact, it’s been an established rule now for about a years that the first Monday of every season is now “DDD Royal Ball night.” We would take our time to dress up and have our special dancing music and dance until we have dinner. Romantic and special and creates loving memories that will last a lifetime!

So, what night is special for you and your daughter? If none, don’t you think you have enough reason to make one?

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