The Former Things

Here we end the year 2015.  Facebook has been creating for its users memory pages from the pictures posted this year.  For the most part, people do not post pictures of terrible memories, of failures, of heart-stomping losses, of disastrous choices.  Yet, we often carry those pictures in our minds and hearts.  There is a […]

Fathering From The Heart

Building character into our sons and daughters is perhaps the role of the parent most under assault, and for dad it is one of the most important. What is character? Unfortunately, many people think it means getting children to behave in a certain way: “be this way, talk like this, don’t dress like that…..” This […]

Yes, Dad I know you are up there somewhere, in heaven,

I lost my dear dad eleven years ago. I lost a fatherly presence, but I did lose the love for music that was bequeathed to me by my father. This love that transcends more that 2 generations of various genre of music. From musicians like louis Armstrong, Kenny Rogers to Boys 2 Men and Fred […]

Dad, How Will You Be Remembered?

“Tell me, while you were growing up, did your father love you?” Without a second thought, as if the question was ridiculous in the first place comes his response, “Well, he wasn’t an emotional man but my dad always made sure we had food on the table. He worked very hard to keep a roof […]

The Write Way: Hold Them Close & Support Them

Sometimes it’s other guys who seem to have more of a primary effect on our kids, in certain ways. When I was in high school, two teachers in particular had just such an effect on me. “But what does that have to do with being a dad?”, you might ask?  Let me explain. My wife […]

You’re Officially a Dad Now What?

So mommy has carried your child for nine months, had hormone changes, excessive amounts of belly rubs, and more attention than she has ever had. You on the other hand have been wondering and imaging what Fatherhood is going to be like… And then it happened… Your child is here. You’re cutting the umbilical cord […]

A Slingshot in Nebraska

I don’t know whose idea it was to run Nebraska east to west, but they would have had second thoughts if they’d been stuffed with my dad and I inside the dusty cab of his ’68 Chevy pickup in the blistering hot August of 1972, bucking across the heart of America along I-80 on our […]

It Takes a Village to Mend a Heart

When I was very young, my mother and father divorced.  For the first several years, I regularly saw my father during our scheduled visitations.  That would change quickly after my father began to make some bad decisions with his life.  It came to a head when my father attended my brother’s high school graduation.  After […]

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

I don’t know what I’m doing. There I said it. Talk amongst yourselves. But, I really don’t care. I don’t profess to be a great daddy or even a good daddy. I win some. I lose some. The boys get the best of me sometimes. I try and manage. Ok, so there are a lot […]

Daddy Daughter Date

Mondays are booked. Scheduled and filled in on our iPhones, iPads and, well, our hearts. Why? Because it is designated as our Daddy Daughter Date night. According to The Guardian, the average father spends about a half an hour per day with their children. (Source) While it indeed up from many years ago, still the […]