They Listened

From fatherless to forgiveness to fearless is how I would define my life.

Two of my biggest supporters after I lost my father were my Uncle Bill, and my Uncle Albert. The thing they both did right was listen to me. When I spoke they both gave me their full attention. They constantly reminded me that what I had to say was important. I mattered. Even in my darkest hours I knew that I was loved, yet I could not see it because all I wanted was the love of my father.

There was a long period of time in my life where I chose to focus on the father I did not have. Instead of just mourning him, I built my life around the sadness of losing him and bitterly refused to move forward. I often isolated myself as a way to cope.

In our research prior to writing, “The Fatherless Daughter Project” we uncovered that isolation was the most commonly used coping mechanism for a fatherless daughter.

My advice is don’t isolate yourself for too long. Let the people you love, love you back. Recognize those “stand-in” father figures and mentors who are ready and willing to step up. I am so grateful I did.

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