My Greatest Influence

Where’s dad? Growing up without him is strange, especially when it seems that everyone else around you has him. Yes, I know that you didn’t chose to die and leave us alone, but I miss you! Do you hear my cries? Can you feel my pain? Who’s going to protect us? How am I supposed […]

Continuous Behaviors

There were many, what I would call, “continuous behaviors” about my dad that left a formative impression on me. Some of these behaviors or practices were critical not only as examples, but were handed down skills and world perspectives (how you interact with the world) that contributed heavily to whom I am and how I […]

They Listened

From fatherless to forgiveness to fearless is how I would define my life. Two of my biggest supporters after I lost my father were my Uncle Bill, and my Uncle Albert. The thing they both did right was listen to me. When I spoke they both gave me their full attention. They constantly reminded me […]

The Gap

I was raised in a home without a full-time father figure. My parents were never married and a variety of outside circumstances prevented me from developing the solid and secure relationship a young man needs and desires with his father. Although we were provided for extremely well financially, all of the “stuff” I was given could […]